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    ingle largest Yi c▓ommunity in China. Yunnan Province has more ▓than three million Yis, most of whom are concen▓trated in an area hemmed in by the Jinsha and Yuanjiang rivers, and the Ailao and Wuliang mountains▓. Huaping, Ninglang and Yongsheng in weste

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    rn Yunnan form what is known as the Yunnan Lesser Liangshan M▓ountain area. In Guizhou, more than hal▓f a million Yis live in compact communities in Anshun and Bijie. Several thousand Yis live in Longli▓n and Mubian counties in the Guangxi Zhuang ▓Auto

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    nomous Region.Most Yis are scattered in mountain areas, some in frigid mountain areas at high altitudes, and a small number live on flat lan▓d or in valleys. The altitudinal differences of the Yi areas directly affect their climate and precipitation.

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